Graduate Student Course Reviews

Here are some reviews from Second Nature graduates.

A Recommendation from Lindsay Campbell

Bill Dishman at Second Nature School of Taxidermy is ONE AWESOME instructor.

He has a great program and a vast wealth of knowledge that he enjoys sharing with his students! I took Bill’s two week Fish course and when I got home from school and mounted my first solo fish, I entered it in our State taxidermy show and competition, and won a blue ribbon.

This was the very first fish I had done by myself and i got a blue ribbon!! I was so excited.

I can’t wait to start on the many more that will follow.

Bill is a very thorough instructor, but he doesn't do your work for you.
He expected me to do the work, and showed me how important it is to pay attention to the fine details of fish painting. I cant say enough about how much i enjoyed the experience.

I will definitely be recommending Bill’s courses, and I look forward to returning to take more classes from him!!!!

Thank you so much for all that you have taught me!!!

Lindsay Campbell
In Your Sights Taxidermy
Boise, Idaho


A Recommendation from Harris & Son Taxidermy Studio

I would like to thank Bill and Terry Dishman for a wonderful experience and a great hands on approach to learning the
basic and advanced skills of taxidermy. I took the full four week course in January and February 2006.

I had purchased videos and probably could have learned some basic skills in taxidermy on my own after thousands of
dollars and many trials. Sure, I could have finished that ONE deer shoulder mount by trial and error. At school I was able to
mount a lifesize Elk, a lifesize Wolf, Deer and Elk shoulder mounts, two Birds, two Fish, a Bear rug and an Antler plaque. All in four weeks.

I have read and heard arguments about wasting my time and money attending a taxidermy school, but after attending Second Nature I feel my time and money were well spent ten times over. I'm sure trials and errors may come in my own time of doing taxidermy by myself, but feel that the things I learned at Second Nature have given me the confidence to keep going and problem solve myself. I also know that the learning never stops and that Bills open door policy doesn't just end the day you leave school.

I know he would be willing to help me anytime. Second Nature School of Taxidermy is the school I would recommend to anyone that would like to learn the basic and advanced skills from a Veteran.

Eli Harris
Harris & Son Taxidermy Studio
Roseburg, OR


A Recommendation from Phil Goldstine

I had a fantastic time at school.

Bill and Terry facilitate an environment that is completely relaxed, yet professional and ethical.

These folks really go out of their way to be sure that all of their students are receiving top quality instruction, are comfortable with their accommodations, and realize their full potential in a minimal amount of time.We were all able to mount the animals that we chose, which allowed us to focus on the fish & game in our area, in my case, Alaska.

We also took a walk thru tour of a local tannery, learned pricing and business management skills, and more, all with step by step instruction, guidance, and supervision.

If you are considering attending taxidermy school, do yourself a favor and apply here.

Phil Goldstine
1SG, US Army Infantry
Life Member: B&C Club, SCI, FNAWS
Owner, World of Wildlife Taxidermy
Ft. Wainwright, AK.


A Recommendation from Elkhorn Taxidermy Studio

When I decided that taxidermy was something that I wanted to pursue, I looked at several different options. My conclusion was that I did not want to go through the trial and error of learning through self study or videos.

I wanted to learn from someone who knew what they were doing and could teach me the proper techniques. I also wanted to get connected with good suppliers, necessary tools, and start a showroom for my new business.

I got everything I needed at Second Nature School of Taxidermy in Bonner Montana.

Bill Dishman offers an excellent training program. This was the best way for me to get what I needed, and I was able to start my own business after the 4 week course.

I recommend Second Nature School of Taxidermy to anyone who’s serious about learning taxidermy and starting their own business.

Jeff Breese
Elkhorn Taxidermy Studio


A Recommendation from TRACY LENAHAN

Now that I am home from school, and the whirlwind has somewhat settled, I would like to take the time to thank Bill, Terry & Brad for all that they do for their students.

If you are considering attending a school, I recommend you give Bill a call. He has a unique gift when it comes to teaching. It is a very pleasant learning environment, and I learned far more than I thought I would.

Bill deserves a special thanks for getting me the specimens that I requested. Being that I am in Alaska, I had some big items that I was looking for, and Bill really came through for me ... Thanks so much!

I feel that Second Nature gave me what I need to start my taxidermy business and I hope to have the doors open on April 1st.

Thanks again,

Tracy Lenahan


A Recommendation from Jeff Bradeen

I would like to thank Bill and Terry Dishman for an awesome experience. They are both exceptional teachers and provide a relaxed learning environment.

The knowledge, skills and tricks of the trade that you walk away with are far better then what you would get from any video or trial and error. They teach you how to overcome the obstacle's that you will see from day to day and how to turn out a high quality product right from the start. I wasn't sure what to expect when i signed up for the course, but i learned a lot more than i thought i would. It was worth every penny.

If you are considering a taxidermy education, then I highly recommend you talk with Bill. You wont be disappointed!

I will be back for a fish class and an African game head class.

Thank you Bill and Terry for all the fun and knowledge. Second Nature School of Taxidermy is second to none!

Jeff Bradeen
Brown is down Taxidermy
Boise Idaho


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