Starting a Career in Taxidermy

One of the best things about Second Nature School of Taxidermy is that you do not need any previous taxidermy experience to attend! Whether you have zero experience, or are a veteran in the taxidermy industry, you will leave our school with the knowledge and confidence needed to ensure that your future customers will get a quality mount that will last a lifetime. At Second Nature School of Taxidermy, everything you mount during your time at school is yours to take home and display in your trophy room for future clients to see.

Second Nature School of Taxidermy is located in Bonner, Montana. Second Nature has always had a good track record and has trained some of the country’s leading taxidermists in their 20+ year history as a taxidermy school. Our two-week taxidermy education courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know to start your own business and become a successful taxidermist. Getting the right start in the taxidermy business is as easy as choosing the right school. Second Nature proudly displays prior student’s photos showcasing the quality of work that each student is able to produce throughout the course as well as recommendations and comments on our website. In addition to the taxidermy education, students will also receive basic training in managing their business as well as a marketing course.

Job Placement:

Since our courses are geared for students who plan to open their own businesses, our graduates do not often need job placement services. However, we periodically receive calls from taxidermists looking for new employees. We keep a current file of these openings and pass them on to interested students. We take pride in being able to say that we have taught at least one student from every state including many from Alaska and Canada, so we are able to connect current students with prior graduates from their home state.

Second Nature School of Taxidermy continues to set the bar high for all taxidermy schools, we take pride in our work and will strive to improve our methods to ensure our students get the most out of their time with us.


Our Location

We are located on the Blackfoot River just 14 miles east of Missoula, Montana at 20360 Hwy 200 E. Bonner, MT 59823


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