History of the school

In the summer of 1993, taxidermist Bill Dishman started Second Nature School of Taxidermy in its current location on the Blackfoot River. Second Nature has become the number one taxidermy school in the country, and has trained hundreds of taxidermists. Many whom have become leaders in the industry. After 25 years, Bill and his wife, Terry, decided to retire from teaching as of May 1, 2019 and sold the school to former student, and current owner, Chris Cotten.



Chris Cotten, Owner/Instructor

Chris Cotten

Chris is a Marine Corps Veteran, and native Montanan whose passion for hunting and fishing grew into an interest in and love of taxidermy. He attended Second Nature School of Taxidermy three times, before opening his own Taxidermy business, Woods N Water Taxidermy. Chris went on to become an instructor for the school where he continued to grow his experience in teaching the latest taxidermy techniques. In May of 2019, Chris purchased the school from Bill and Terry Dishman, and continues to bring his unique style and eye for perfection into the classroom.




Jarrod Williamson, Instructor

Jarrod Williamson

Jarrod is a Navy Veteran, and native Montanan whose passion for hunting and fishing has steadily grown over the years. Jarrod attended Second Nature School of Taxidermy twice and quickly picked up the multifaceted skills of taxidermy and was hired on by the owner Chris Cotten as a taxidermist for Woods N Water Taxidermy. Jarrod has since then started his own successful Taxidermy business Rockies Untamed. Jarrod’s natural craftmanship and background in carpentry transforms well in taxidermy to bring unique styles to habitats for clients. Jarrod is excited to join the team and help others in their journey.






Greg Ford, Instructor

Greg Ford

Greg is an Army Veteran that currently resides in Idaho. Greg has attended two courses at Second Nature School of Taxidermy and has joined the team as an instructor. He is a professional outfitter in the fishing industry as well as the owner of Gone Fishing Artistries. Greg’s attention to detail, hard work ethic and involvement in the Veteran community sets him apart from others. Greg brings his knowledge of fish anatomy, habitat and artistry with him into the classroom which in turn gives students a unique experience during any course.





Matt Renaud, Instructor

Greg Ford

Matt has been in the tannery industry for over 10 years, and has owned his own Tannery, Back Country Fur Bearers, now for two years. Matts professional attitude and hard work ethic has given him a positive reputation within the tannery industry, and his knowledge of the tanning process is a huge asset to the school.




Our Location

We are located on the Blackfoot River just 14 miles east of Missoula, Montana at 20360 Hwy 200 E. Bonner, MT 59823


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